New Look, New You!

Hey, all! I hope this post finds you well.

So if you’ve ever seen this site before, you’ll know that it looks a lot different.

The previous site was built basically by hand, which was kinda cumbersome, both to build initially and to update. It was also purely an archive and directory of where I was at elsewhere. That will now change, at least for the time being. I’ve built this site with Hugo, which should make it easier to use. Well, I say that, but trying to use Hugo has been a bit of a pain in and of itself.

If all goes well, there should be a link to the old index up on top of the page. I’ll keep the old site archived there. Hopefully, if something goes wrong with Neocities, it’ll be easy enough to migrate somewhere else. Eventually, I’ll make dedicated pages for things that can’t go in text posts, like my Twines and the PDF files of my one act plays. I hope to make more Twines and scripts, too. I was also the writer of a visual novel earlier this year. It wasn’t a big project by any means, but I thought it was really cool to make it. More info on that in a blog post to follow.

I also have a story that’s basically ready to go. It’ll be the first in a series. Funny story, I actually had someone beta read it and then submitted it to a magazine, and they both said it seemed like the start of a larger story, which… I guess I have to make it the start of a larger story now? I promise that wasn’t my intention, it was supposed to be its own standalone short story. But hey, whatever, I’ve got some things in mind for where it can go.

As for contacting me and finding me elsewhere, I’m basically only on Mastodon these days, which you can find here:

I mean, I still lurk on Tumblr, but that’s it, so I’m not gonna bother linking it here. Twitter is fucked, and I haven’t used it in years, anyway. And that’s really it for other places I’m at online, aside from like, Steam and Facebook and stuff, but that’s not something I want to give out.

Hope you all get to hear from me soon!