10/31/19 - Oh lawdy, so long, so few updates. Posted a Halloween story, which i haven't done in a long time. Well, it's not really to do with Halloween, so much as it was made for Halloween. It's a parody of Clock Tower, inspired by this GIF. I wanna call it a shitpost, but it's not really all that shitposty. Oh, also, that page mentions my AO3 account. I'll have to link to that as well and also archive my other works from there on here (they're all shitposts), but for right now, I am extremely tired, so I'm gonna, like, watch a scary movie or something, I dunno. See you in another ten months, probably.

1/1/19 - Posted the article The End of Many Things. This will be the first in a long line of Neocities exclusives, since I can't trust Tumblr anymore due to their ban on NSFW content, which has also ended up banning plenty of SFW content. This is subject to change if I find an alternative. That will most likely be Pillowfort, but we'll see. It was initially going to be WritScrib, but we all know how badly that turned out. In 2019, I hope to archive a lot more of my content, and make plenty of new content as well, and I hope you'll join me. Fuck you, Tumblr.

10/26/18 - Edited and reposted my old Halloween story, Candy Stealing Squad. Spent a while tweaking this one, actually, but I think I'm finally happy with it. As mentioned on its page, it was originally part of a series. I'm not sure if I'll put others from that series up here, but I'm definitely not going to do that for all of them. Some of those are unsalvagably hot garbage. Even when I was doing that series, I told myself that the idea was I posted a story, not that it had to be really good. In hindsight, it was a bad idea all around; I had problems ranging from getting really busy to running out of ideas (and I only did it for six years!). I also did an annual Christmas story, which, IIRC, was almost completely garbage. I'll see if I want to salvage one come Christmas.

8/30/18 - Woah, long time, no updates. Only update right now is editing the index to reflect the fact that WritScrib died. I'm going to try doing an article on that in the next couple days.

3/22/18 - Played with CSS margins and padding a bit, site looks a lot better already. Okay, the index still isn't looking satisfactory, but at least the article pages look decent.

3/16/18 - Posted article Piracy Is Not Theft, which is also the first article crossposted between Neocities, Tumblr, and WritScrib.

3/11/18 - Entire site migrated to HTML. Looks like Hell, but it'll be a lot easier to update, and as I learn more about HTML and CSS, I might be able to make it more attractive. Took me long enough to do it, too, look at how long ago that last update was! I do have a project I want to get on here by April. You may notice that the links to cool stuff and cool people are gone if you saw the previous iteration of this site. They may return someday. Also added a link to my WritScrib account.

12/10/17 - Moved updates page to plain HTML rather than the Twine index. This should make it easier to just update it rather than have to open up Twine 2 every time I make an edit to the site. Also cleaned up the HTML and added footers to each page. Will add links to original posts of each article as well in the future. Gotta start doing that as I create them. I am also going to be starting and maintaining a recommended works page eventually. You may have seen it in the update stream of this site. Just gotta sit down and think of what stuff I want to list on it. In the future, I may also move the whole index to a plain HTML file. The whole Twine site thing seems like it was a bad idea, at least for what I wanted to do with this site. Part of the reason I started with Twine is because I was unfamiliar with Neocities and it's tools, and while Twine is great for writing interactive fiction and I'll still use it, it's not so great for a website when you just want a simple workflow. We'll see how it goes in the future.

11/12/17 - Added a bunch of content, and this page. Date of site creation discerned from the date on neocities.png in site directory. More to come when I have time, just wanted to at least put something on here. At this point, I'm mostly just archiving old content, though.

11/6/17 - Site created.